Straight insulating shuttering blocks for EU 2010

Here are the full characteristics of these 25cm-thick shuttering blocks. These straight insulating shuttering blocks provide thermal insulation of U=0.276 W/m² K and thermal resistance of R=3.62 m² K/W. 

Too see the corresponding corner block click here.

Technical data on the "straight component":

  • Outer insulation : 5cm
  • Inner insulation : 5cm
  • Thermal insulation : U=0,276 W/m² K
  • Thermal resistance : R=3,62 m² K/W
  • Basic component - thickness of concrete : 15cm
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 61,50cm
    • Wall thickness: 25cm
    • Lenght 120cm

Number of m² per component : 0,73 m²
Number of components for 3m² of wall : 4 components

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