Green Isologic's insulating shuttering blocks

Discover the insulating shuttering blocks designed by Green Isologic 

The company Green Isologic based in Verviers, in the Belgian province of Liege, has designed insulating shuttering blocks that are perfectly suited for constructions without thermal bridges and they ensure perfect sealing.

The insulating shuttering blocks designed by Green Isologic provide high thermal performance that allows constructions to fulfil the passive standards without any difficulty. This is an effective solution for all those seeking ecological, energy-efficient buildings.

Green Isologic's insulating shuttering blocks have two Neopor walls (expanded polystyrene). The inner wall is 5cm thick and the thickness of the outer wall can vary from between 5 and 20 cm. It is the outer wall of the block that provides the high energy performance. Between these two walls is a 15 cm space which will be filled with a rich concrete mix. This part will be the load-bearing component of the construction. The two walls are firmly joined together with 6 braces.

Technical data on Green Isologic's insulating shuttering blocks

Standard Wooden framework EPS Neopor Insulation factor
Standard – EU 2011 40cm 35cm 25cm u=0.26 W/m²K
Low-energy house 45cm 40cm 30cm u=0.18 W/m²K
Passive house  50cm 45cm 35cm u=0.14 W/m²K
Zero-energy house  60cm 50cm 40cm u=0.11 W/m²K

Characteristics of insulating shuttering blocks 

Acoustic performance 

Thanks to the concrete in the centre of the block and the double insulation, the shuttering block provides an exceptional sound insulation of 41 decibels.

Mechanical performance

With its concrete skin, the insulating shuttering blocks provide high mechanical resistance. Moreover, they can be used in the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings.

Isologic shuttering blocks also provide fire protection.


The shuttering blocks are water-repellent and rot-proof. To optimise their water-tightness, Isologic blocks are covered with a hydraulic coating. The blocks are then overlaid with the chosen covering material.

All our different types of insulating shuttering blocks can be seen below (straight blocks, corner blocks, closures, lintels, etc.).

Our insulating shuttering blocks

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